Sunday, November 14, 2010

8 Clever Solutions for Cleaning Windows

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8 Clever Solutions for Cleaning Windows

1. "My windows always
streak after washing"
Use a window-washing
squeegee with a smooth, soft rubber edge.
Washing windows is a
tiresome chore, but it’s even worse when your labors leave streaks
on the windows
2. "My blinds are dust magnets!"
Use an antistatic spray.
3. "There’s mildew on my window frames"
Wash with a bleach-detergent solution
4. "My outside windowsills get dirty so
Apply a coat of floor wax
5. "My shades are filthy"
Dust or wash the shades.

6. "My windows get dirty too fast"
Change your heating and cooling system's filter.

7. "Secondhand smoke is killing my
Wash it with ammonia solution.
8. "My screens are filthy"
Remove and wash.

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New York mold removal said...

It is task to get the windows cleaned well through each corner.There is a chance of mold and mildew with damp and moisture staying over it for a longer period.thanks for the lovely and helpful tips.