Saturday, January 2, 2010

Twitter - Tips for Teachers | Twitter for Me

Twitter has become a microblogging phenomenon. Due to its popularity, the teachers are trying to understand how to use Twitter effectively to support the education sector. Here are some of the frequently asked questions, which I have received. In fact, you yourself have had some of the following questions one time or another.

Q. What should I tweet about?

A. You choose to share items that your attention is. Twitter capture oneInformation and not all of your updates will promote a chord with everyone. However, if you're interested, more of your supporters share is likely to be interested.

Question: How much information should I share?

A. Start with information that is congruent with the image that you want to portray. Information about your school or a specific performance of your students are sharing great article. Be sure that students maintain privacy. Dosometimes be shy about sharing information about your personal life. This will help others to connect better with you in touch.

Question: How can I added value to my tweets?

A. Make sure you allow links to the people to examine further, including the theme itself. This increases the added value of your data. In addition to using hashtags to help, are the whereabouts of persons or entities information on specific topics in context. If you are not familiar with hashtags, they are thegenerally recognized keywords related to a topic. In Twitter, these are a series of signs or hashtag prefix (eg # edtech) for education and technology.

Question: There are so many tweets, how I make sense of them all?

A. Tweets are similar to e-mail. In the early days, read every e-mail people. How to read to skimming emails and only those who captured her interest used to it. There are several tools that help you manage yourTwitter feeds. A good example of such an instrument is Tweetdeck ( This tool allows you to create separate feeds for specific individuals or groups. Organized in this manner, the information in a meaningful flow.

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