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Texas A&M University - About the World Room--Telling Stories

Making History Come Alive
Telling Stories & Developing Documentaries
July 22, 23 & 24

Making History Come Alive

Digital Stories and Documentaries

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CD Table of Contents


Documentary Development

History in the Classroom

Media Literacy

  • Culture Shock: Using Art and Art Controversy to Teach History
  • Digital Image Manipulation: A Compelling Means to Engage Students in Discussion of Point of View and Perspective
  • Educating the Net Generation
  • Engage Me or Enrage Me: What Today’s Learners Demand
  • Historical Literacy: Reading History through Film
  • Inspired by the Poetic Moving Image
  • ‘It Is as It Was’: Feature Film in the History Classroom
  • “It Makes You Think More When You Watch Things”: Scaffolding for Historical Inquiry Using Film in the Middle School Classroom
  • Media Literacy Skills: Interpreting Tragedy
  • New Horizons: The Sea Change Before Us
  • New Media Literacies: A Language Revolution
  • Photo Opportunities: Contemporary Photographers Cindy Sherman and Jeff Wall as Models for Artistic and Teaching Identities
  • Postcards from Another’s Home: Visual Dialogues for Cultural Tolerance
  • Social Studies in the Dark: Using Docudramas to Teach History
  • Teaching History with YouTube (and other primary-source video sites on the internet)
  • Teaching Perception Through Video Art
  • The Filmmaker as Humanist: An Interview with Tim Robbins on the Making of Cradle Will Rock
  • The Global Imperative: National University of Singapore Summary Report 2004
  • The Smell of Celluloid in the Classroom: Five Great Movies that Teach
  • Using Media Literacy to Explore Stereotypes of Mexican Immigrants
  • Visible Thinking: Using Contemporary Art to Teach Conceptual Skills
  • Visual Artifact Journals as Creative and Critical Springboards for Meaning Making
  • Visual Literacy in Teaching and Learning: A Literature Perspective
  • Visual Literacy Websites


  • 2009 History Day Theme Logo
  • 2009 History Day Theme Sheet
  • Creating a Successful Project for National History Day
  • HISD 2008 Regional History Fair Power Point
  • History Day Sites and Resources
  • NHD Rule Book for 2008-2009
  • Progress Report Form
  • Student Checklist
  • Texas State Historical Association—Order Form for Student Publications
  • The Social Studies Center
  • National Archive Analysis Worksheets

  • Artifact Analysis Worksheet
  • Cartoon Analysis Worksheet
  • Map Analysis Worksheet
  • Photo Analysis Worksheet
  • Poster Analysis Worksheet
  • Sound Recording Analysis Worksheet
  • Written Document Analysis Worksheet

  • Digital Documentaries: Personal Narrative Work Plan
  • Digital Documentary Lesson Plan
  • Family Book Bags
  • Feel the History Rubric
  • Feel the History Website
  • Fostering Collaboration and Developing Higher-Order Thinking with Digital Video (article)
  • Fostering Collaboration and Developing Higher-Order Thinking with Digital Video (Power Point)
  • Heritage Project
  • Holocaust Interview—UT Documentary Project
  • Light: The Holocaust and Humanity Project
  • Memory of the World: Preserving Documentary Heritage
  • Personal Heritage Project
  • Picturing Peace Curriculum Plan
  • Process Guide for Digital Documentary
  • Teaching History with YouTube
  • What Is A Documentary?
  • Young Minds Inspired, Websites

  • Connecting with the Past: Uncovering Clues in Primary Source Documents
  • Digital Archives: Democratizing the Doing of History
  • Digital History Websites
  • Document Analysis Worksheets
  • From Attics to Graveyards: How to Locate Primary Documents for Your Classroom
  • History in the Raw
  • My Reward: Outstanding Student Projects Based on Primary Sources
  • Online History Investigations
  • Online Resources from the Library of Congress
  • Online Resources from the National Archives
  • Primary Source Internet Resources
  • Suggested Methods for Integrating Primary Sources into Classroom Instruction
  • The Valley of the Shadow: Scholarship in the Digital World

    Digital Storytelling

  • Additional Internet Links
  • Defining Digital Storytelling: The Digital Storytelling Association
  • Digital Storytelling Cookbook
  • Digital Storytelling Internet Resource Sites
  • Digital Storytelling Internet Sites for ESL Teachers
  • Digital Storytelling Tutorial
  • Elements of Digital Storytelling
  • Fostering a Culture of Reflection Among Constructionist Learners: Digital Storytelling as a Tool for Reflective Practice
  • Internet Links to Tools for Designing Digital Stories
  • Making a Digital Story in Movie Maker
  • Resources and Examples for Digital Storytelling on the Internet
  • Six Thinking Hats
  • Step by Step: Create a Digital Storytelling Artifact Using iMovie2
  • Workshop Resources
  • Documentary

  • Digital History Internet Sites
  • Digital Story Telling with Windows Movie Maker
  • DigiTales: Documentary and DocuDrama
  • Schoolhouse Video: Multi-Level Video Projects—Five Steps
  • Storyboard Form
  • Super Size Me: Expanding the Documentary Form
  • Using Windows Movie Maker to Create a Digital Story
  • General

    Green Screen




    Video Examples


    TAKS Writing

    TAKS Social Studies

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